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Text From Letter Above

April 5, 2005

Dear Archbishop Brunett:

My best wishes of peace and well being in Christ, who we trust will share the glory of his resurrection with our beloved Highness, John Paul II. 

I'm writing to you again to inform you that Mr. Robert Lang has given us the piece of marble on which the image of the resurrected and glorious Christ can be seen, so that we can exhibit it, as last year, in the interior of our parochial  temple.

On this occasion, we exhibited the piece from March 17 until today, April 5, 2005. As last year, many faithful enjoyed and even prayed fervently in front of the image which is clearly distinguishable on the aforementioned piece of marble.

We extend the exhibit as requested by Mr. Lang himself, with whom we have a sincere friendship and mutual respect.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. April 5, 2005.

Pbro. Lic. Esteban Slazar Gonzalez






Text From Letter Above

October 30th 1996

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the piece of marble which you feel contains an image of the Risen Christ. In response to your inquiry as to how to proceed, the general approach
is one of caution. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith issued some norms about 20 years ago on apparitions and revelations. Those norms outline a gradual approach of Church response.
The first level determines the factual and doctrinal value of such phenomena. The Church doesn’t touch things of obvious psychological or doctrinal question.
The second level concerns the phenomenon’s effect on the faith of the people.  If the matter contributes to the building up of the faith of the people over a period of time, one may ask the Bishop for a nihil obstat, which is not an approval, but a statement that he sees nothing to object to.
The third level, which would be pursued only in the most unusual cases, would be a petitioner asking for church approval.  This would only occur in the most public situations involving large number of pilgrims.  As an example, no determination has been made for the supposed Marian apparitions at Medjugorje, in spite of wide acceptance and significant number of pilgrims, which gives an indication of the scale before any action is taken.
In brief, the church is interested in such phenomena in terms of their demonstrated effect on people’s faith. It takes time and experience in people’s faith life before the Church grants approvals in such matters.
I hope this information helps you chart you future course. 


James F Britt
Director of Public Affairs
Arch Dioceses of Seattle.


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