The Light of the World

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I am not writing this as a Christian, but as a believer in all that can be experienced and welcomed in this life.  I have had an amazing existence and know that there are times and troubles to come, but wanted to take this opportunity to share the gift that I have received with all.  One may question what the blessed stone represents, but I ask you to take a moment and look at the story within the stone. 

An amazing piece of dark green Chinese marble (verd antique) was purchased at Terrazo Stone Company in the Seattle area.  It is technically known as serpentinized peridotite which is filled with veins of white carbonate crystals during its creation.  It is estimated to be “millions if not hundreds of millions of years old. This piece of serpentine marble is authentic (naturally occurring) and has not been altered in any shape or form”- Bernard Evans, Professor of Geology, University of Washington.  Please refer to non-secular letters.  

The story started Easter 1992 after buying remnant marble in Seattle, Washington.   The marble was designated to be placed in what is called the “Live” room where musicians record at the studio.  This has become one of the most renown and sought after sonic spaces in the Northwest for all types of musicians to record.

The stone was purchased through money received from Warner Bros. accountant Lisa Longville on behalf of Maverick Records for the band Candlebox.  This was the first band signed on the label. The co-owner was ironically self named Madonna.  The band recorded the songs “Far Behind” and “You” which sold over four million albums which were recorded on Easter Sunday.   Lisa received a photo and I knew this was an incredible story to come. 

The link here is that many of us believe things happen for a reason, not coincidence.

On June 28th 1993, while the stone was being cut, a flash of bright light in a ring funneled itself on the saint like figure of the stone.  I thought I was dreaming and after further examination, I saw the vision of a Saint like figure and with a glorified face.  This was the start of this new journey in life.

I starting to show people the stone to gather reactions to make sure that it wasn’t just me seeing the vision of the Saint like form.  After days went on, a host of biblical symbols surrounding the image began to be noticed within the Christian religion such as the flame, candle, crown of thorns, a cross held by a staff on his left arm and the host of other biblical symbols.  See the legends on link above.  After examination from Christians and agnostics, everyone saw the same phenomenon. 

 “It’s hard not to see here a radiant figure of the risen Lord.  It reminded me too of the transfigured Lord on the mountain top (Matthew 17:2, Mark 9:2-3), a foretaste and hint in biblical genre, of the glorified triumphant Christ.  One of the most powerful images of Christ in the scriptures is that of “

The Light of the World” (John 9.5).  Itself redolent of Isaiah text (Isaiah 42:6) using that imagery. 

Reverend Roger O’Brien, Saint Luke’s Parish

Before I left for Tucson, I gathered three convincing letters from local parishes where this phenomenon happened.  on a non secular note, I gathered a letter from Richard Sherburne, Theologian from Seattle University.  

This is to state that I have studied the polished slab of dark Chinese marble in the possession of Robert Lang of Seattle, Washington, USA.  As a teacher of World Religions for over 17 years, and somewhat familiar with traditions of supernatural phenomena, I can readily see that persons of the Christian faith might well perceive in the above-mentioned veined marble slab the lines of a human figure that suggest a luminous Risen Christ typology.  Such a phenomenon is not unlike similar to religious beliefs in Asian and African cultures where divine powers are thought to leave their symbolic marks in the rocks and stones of nature.

Richard Sherburne, SJ Associate Professor Religious Studies    

The Stone was requested by a member of the American Gem and Trade Association to be on exhibit at the Tucson Convention Center, AZ at the world famous Gem and Mineral show in 1995.  It was named “Stone of the Year” by the Gemilogical Institute of America.  It was noticed by both NBC and ABC in which news stories followed.  

“Members of the Gemolocical Institute to America are excited about Lang’s find.  I’ve never seen anything like this.  This is a true phenomenon depending on what your beliefs are.  I believe anybody with an open mind can see what this piece  represents.”    

Eric Salakas NBC KVOA TV News

I visited the Diocese of Tucson and met with Fred Allison, Director of Communications while we looked into the Book of Norms. He advised me to contact the Seattle Arch Diocese.  Through this, my guidance from the Catholic Church followed for the exploration as to what this could mean to people as well as the faith.  I contacted the Seattle Arch Diocese through Terry Mc Guire (Assistant editor of The Progress) and talked to Jim Brit, Director of Communications, under Archbishop Murphy (deceased).  He explained the “norms” as how to pursue a nihil obstat within the Church.  After meeting the first stage criteria through numerous letters from local parishes and the Tucson Diocese, the second stage was to be examined- the phenomenon's effect on the faith of the people.       

The stone drew people from across Mexico for several years through the support of retired Pbro. Luis Ramirez Ortiz (1998) and Pbro. Esteban Salazar Gonzalez from Parraquia de Nuestra Sra de Guadalupe who visited the studio in Seattle, WA. (refer to photo section).  Their certainty of the stone has touched Catholics and brought them closer together to the faith and future of church.  Somehow the tangible object helps to reaffirm followers’ belief.          

My best wishes of peace and well being in Christ, who we trust will share the glory of his resurrection with our beloved Highness, John Paul II.  I'm writing to you again to inform you that Mr. Robert Lang has given us the piece of marble on which the image of the resurrected and glorious Christ can be seen, so that we can exhibit it, as last year, in the interior of our parochial  temple.

On this occasion, we exhibited the piece from March 17 until today, April 5, 2005. As last year, many faithful enjoyed and even prayed fervently in front of the image which is clearly distinguishable on the aforementioned piece of marble. We extend the exhibit as requested by Mr. Lang himself, with whom we have a sincere friendship and mutual respect.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. April 5, 2005.
Pbro. Lic. Esteban Slazar Gonzalez

I further explored interest in the stone in September of 2008 and displayed it at the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa to Bishop Franklin and Monsignor Shafer.  a picture of  it is now displayed in the chancery.

God manifests his image and presence to us in many and varied ways.  Often we might recognize the face of God reflected in creation.  With this in mind both of us would like to express our sincere appreciation for sharing with us the image in the marble of Christ the Light of the World.  We are pleased and edified that it has strengthened the faith of many.

We encourage you to continue to share the image with others and perhaps for it to be displayed for some extended time in the parish in Mexico where it has already been a source of edification to the people.  We would hope that with some extended display some popular devotion to the image might grow.  This would enable the local diocese there to begin the investigations that could lead to it’s recognition by the Church.

Wm. E Franklin Emeritus Bishop of Davenport
Msgr. Drake R. Shafer Former Vicar General of Davenport

The secular and non-secular letters show the interest and belief in the vision the stone.  I am amazed at the interest in the stone and am happy to share its gift to the world.  The Stone really has an impact with people’s spirit and draws them to Jesus and the Bible.  The stone if nothing else is an appreciation of faith.

In a time of such world turmoil and descent of faith within any religion.  I truly believe this stone might help a few.  Even if it touched just one person and revived their faith, that is enough.


legend     story       photos      media      secular letters      non-secular letters      Tucson gem show      certification

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